Virtual Office

Are you looking for a virtual office at a prestigious location?

EBC Amsterdam offers you the opportunity to create a virtual office at our location on Keizersgracht.

A virtual office at EBC Amsterdam will enhance the professional image of your company, without the costs of setting up your own office.

There are dozens of reasons to opt for a virtual office: most of your work is done outside the office, you work from home, you’re still in the start-up phase, or your company could use a stylish update.

Renting a virtual office from EBC Amsterdam is about more than setting up your company. We strive to provide you with optimum service, taking into account your personal requirements. We aim to be the supportive partner for your business, so that you can focus 100% on your organization and business to ensure its success. We look forward to being an extension of your organization.

With a virtual office at EBC Amsterdam, you will always be available for your clients. We will receive your post, answer your phone calls, and forward your messages. Your guests will be warmly welcomed at our beautiful reception and you will have free access to our stylish conference rooms to host relaxing and inspiring meetings.

EBC also offers a comprehensive secretarial service. Regardless of your support needs, renting a virtual office means you only pay for the time we spend on your activities. This means no additional personnel costs. With more than forty years of experience, we understand exactly what you need and are ready to provide the necessary help and support.

The advantages of a virtual office:

  • Phone calls are answered on behalf of your company
  • Post is received and forwarded to an address in the Netherlands or abroad
  • Registration with the chamber of commerce at our address
  • Free use of office and conference rooms once a month
  • The use of Keizersgracht as address on business cards/stationery
  • Always available
  • Secretarial service
  • Professional look
  • Cost-efficient
  • Use of global network of business centres (ABCN and Locartis)

The telephone and postal services can also be ordered separately.

EBC Amsterdam Virtual Office
EBC Amsterdam outside view
EBC Amsterdam Meeting Room Studio
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